St. John's Methodist Church

Standhill Road, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1JT

Mission Statement

St. Johnís is a worshipping, witnessing church committed to sharing the love and glory of God, the Good News of Jesus Christ and the reality of the Holy Spirit amongst us.

Worship:  We will meet regularly for worship and support each other as we grow in faith.  We will provide a variety of opportunities for worship to meet the needs of members, adherents and those with whom we have contact.

Learning:  We will provide a safe and Christian based environment for prayer, spiritual development and education.  We will utilise the experience and skills of our members.

Fellowship:  We will be a welcoming Church.  We will create opportunities for Christian fellowship for all, and will continue to explore links with other local Christian Churches and organisations.

Social Responsibility:  We will express the love of God by our concern for the welfare of others remembering them in our prayers and providing practical help.  We will encourage our members to serve the local asnd world-wide communities in corporate and individual appropriate ways.

Mission:  We will be witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ in word, thought and deed.  We will encourage Christian committment in others, and our life style will reflect the love of God.