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St. John's Methodist Church

Standhill Road, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1JT

Africa School Project

GHANA (Buokrom, Kumasi)


Yes, the borehole is still working well delivering clean, pure and cold water whenever required.  The new classrooms are plastered, and complete with windows and doors, electrical power for lights, points and fans, painted inside and out, with new desks and fencing round the compound. 

The latest project to replace the pit latrines (ugh) has the new septic tanks built with the new buildings above ground, and I am sending money now for the roof to go on this new toilet block.  That will just leave decorations, the purchase of sanitary ware and the plumbing to be done when more money can be raised !

It really is a joy to be able to make a huge difference for the school (of 250) with the money given by you.


ZAMBIA (Lusaka)


Having now moved away from Nottingham, it is difficult to continue to organise the fundraising for the 15 orphans, their education and their hot meal each day.  So this year will be the last year of our support for them.  However, there are surplus funds in the kitty and so Yvonne and I are planning to go over to Lusaka later in 2011 to not only take this year’s contributions, but also to set up some form of Trust Fund to provide for them for the next couple of years.

Of course, we shall take the opportunity to go from Lusaka down to Choma to visit Emily and the Siatwinda homestead, bringing back many stories and photographs – the stuff from which a Guild evening can be based !

Graeme Thompson

(Not a current project)

Drilling the borehole in 2009

©Graeme Thompson

School at Kumasi

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